We all have experiences we look back on as life-altering moments; meeting and marrying our spouse, having a child, a major career promotion, a long-distance move, changing careers, or even facing a life-threatening illness.

In a period of a little over 3 years I met my wife, was diagnosed with cancer, was “cured” of cancer, married my wife, was promoted to vice president of my company, had a child, quit my job, moved 1,000 miles, and changed careers. It was an eventful period to say the least!


There’s a certain clarity that comes with contemplating death. For me it was to finally starting prioritizing my life and genuinely serving God and others. There is something very humbling about realizing that your life is fragile and there are few certainties.


But, the truth is that even with a huge wake-up call it does not guarantee success in changing our lifestyle, priorities, or our health. Millions of people every day are being treated and recovering from all sorts of diseases that would have killed them even 20 years ago, yet they fail to use the moment to make sustainable change.


I’ve experienced first-hand that even the fear of death only motivates for so long.


We have a way of falling into old tendencies and after a little while, life seems to go on as normal. Maybe you haven’t had the dramatic moment, but you’ve no doubt struggled to make lasting changes to your weight and health. Coming off my chemotherapy treatment I was as motivated as they come, but within only a few months I found myself with many of the same poor nutrition habits I had before my diagnosis.



Left Photo: I had just struggled through an Olympic distance triathlon and was only weeks from a cancer diagnosis. I wasn’t eating and my weight plummeted. Right Photo: About to go in for one of several biopsies. 

What was I missing?

I have a degree in engineering and enjoy the logic behind decisions. I spent 15 years following a set of plans and specifications and learned that even the largest projects are just a series of small steps. So why can’t we just draw up the plans for our diet and exercise, then execute the plan? Isn’t it really as simple as counting the calories, doing the exercise and being done with it?


The secret is that it’s not about the details that so many people get hung up on (calories, macronutrients, weigh-ins, meal timing, etc.), it’s the MINDSET and willingness to honestly address BEHAVIORS. Once my wife and I realized this, it started a series of events that ultimately led to a new business venture to help others in similar situations.


Through step-by-step habit implementation I am 80 pounds lighter than I was 5 years ago and very competitive in multi-sport racing. It is this habit-based approach to health and fitness that I customize to my clients which allows for steady, lasting improvement. It is now my goal to find people who are sick and tired of the struggle.



Left Photo: 2009, overweight (250 lbs), unhealthy, and well on my way to disease. Right Photo: 2016, 80 pounds lighter, and feeling great!

I’ve learned that the lessons I have gone through are directly applicable to most people who struggle to get healthy and fit. Ironically, when we figure out how to handle the nutrition and exercise in our lives, we pay less attention to our physical appearance and can focus on things in life that really matter. If you are confused as to where to start, you aren’t alone. I work hard for my clients to clear up the mystery and provide a clear path to improvement THAT LASTS.


At Root Fitness we don’t build diet plans, we build lifestyles that work for you, and work for the rest of your life. The level of service provided is unlike any other you’ve experienced and I have one task when working with any client, that is creating a lasting transformation. I don’t simply run you through the program, you are the program! I’m not interested in collecting your money and moving on to the next person, I’m interested in transforming the way you view fitness and nutrition forever with sustainable steps.


When I’m not coaching, I enjoy a variety of sports and outdoor activities including triathlons and other racing events. I am a husband to a loving wife and father to a wild little boy. We love staying active in our church community.


“Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable.” 1 Corinthians 9:25


Jereme Morris Headshot

  • Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
    American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA)
  • Certified Personal Trainer
    National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Bachelor of Science
    Oregon State University