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Not making the progress on your fitness and weight loss? Tired of all the hype-filled approaches to diet and exercise?


I’d like to give you a free copy of my Minimalist Fitness Guide. It is the process that I’ve followed on my personal fitness journey that has cut off 80 pounds and led to high levels of sustainable fitness.

It will help you lay the foundation of a progressively healthy lifestyle. if you are committed to lifelong help and are tired of the hype, this guide will help you cut away the wasted time and energy.

It’s a 28-page guide with a week by week strategy that I use with private clients. No hype or gimmicks, but the real information and guidance you’ve been looking for to get healthy and fit.

You will learn:

  • Why past diets and exercise programs have failed you
  • The 5-Step process to follow regardless of your goals
  • The secret to lifelong success with health and fitness
  • Often forgotten areas that contribute to your success


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