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If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you need to improve your health and fitness. You know you could be a lot better off and you’re ready to do something about it.

You more than likely lack energy, strength, and have some weight to lose. But you don’t have a fitness and nutrition program that supports your health and gives you results…and you’re tired of it!

Typical diet and exercise plans are cookie-cutter and never address the things that will get you fit and healthy long-term.

Most of the fitness and nutrition industry is fad-based and relies heavily on hype and quick fixes. You want something that is doable and doesn’t require ridiculously long workouts or a deprivation diet.

There is something you can do that actually WORKS, is SANE, and is SUSTAINABLE for life. Learn how my approach is like nothing you’ve ever tried by checking out my:





  • 28-page practical guide

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My name is Jereme Morris and for nearly 20 years I was just like you. From 90 pounds overweight to advanced cancer, I was always seeking “the plan” that would get me on track for good.

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After years of struggle and experimentation, I have established the answers to sustainable health and fitness.


Getting into shape isn’t so complicated once understand the key principles to living a healthy lifestyle.

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3 Reasons FITNESS Requires FAILURE

I’ve seen a distinct pattern forming while working with my private clients. Almost inevitably around the 6-8 week mark, there is a letdown, a break from the plan. Sometimes it’s reasonable (holidays, vacation) and sometimes it’s mysterious. But almost without exception it takes less than two months for reality to rear its ugly head. This…


How to Set Your Fitness to Autopilot

Can living a healthy lifestyle actually become easy?   The answer is…sort of.   When does something become easy to do? It’s usually when we’ve made a routine out of it. I’ve read a lot of books on business systems and routines. On many occasions I’ve tried to stick to the prescribed routine of the…


3 Simple Time-Saving Questions…

For most of history humans have been directly involved in providing their own food. It wasn’t until the mid 20th century in this country that the balance shifted from a mostly rural to an urban environment [1].   Up until that point, most Americans were living or working on a farm and were up close…


Quit Trying So Hard: 4 Steps That Will Get You Fit For Good

The general opinion about getting into excellent shape is that it requires amazing willpower, dedication, and an endless grind. I would argue that you can get lean, strong, gain endurance, and have amazing energy with relatively little effort.   I am a firm believer that the reason we want to make it so complicated is…


Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry

  This meal hits three of the key points to sustainable health. Next time you plan out your meals, keep these in mind: Focus on nutrient density. You can’t go wrong with copious amounts of vegetables. Keep it simple and quick. I shoot for 10-15 minutes prep. It better taste good. If you don’t like…


7 Ways to Optimize Your Kitchen Environment

  Environment trumps willpower.   Literally millions of people started on a fitness quest yesterday. I have no real critique of the attempt to get healthy, I just know what the outcome is for most who don’t deal with the underlying cause of their problem.   If you don’t set yourself up to succeed in…